Strategic Partnership and Project Funding

Africa Development Bank, Director of Climate Change and Green Growth Dr. Tony Nyong, Dr. Magnus Onuoha, Executive Director Asteven Group and Dr. Paul Abolo President of Ecologistics Integrated Services Ltd. discussing strategic partnership and project funding.

Asteven Group Side Event

Asteven Group side event at Africa Climate Week 2019, Theme: Harnessing Domestic Resource Mobilization for NDC Implementation in Africa. Focus on Renewable Energy Development. Partnership for Renewable Energy Development in Africa.
Speakers: Dr. Sunny Apkoiyibo, Chairman Asteven Group and Ambassador Jerome Ringo Chiraman Zoetic Energy.

Convener: Dr. Paul Abolo. President, Ecologistics Integrated Services Ltd.

The side event created a platform for partnerships. Asteven Group and Zoetic Energy entered into a partnership for Renewable energy development in Africa. Lucy the founder of Just Care Foundation Ghana, was given the opportunity to tell her story.  Just Care Foundation Ghana is set up to attend to girls on the street, they specialize in Empowering street girls with skills to help them earn a decent lifestyle and to help to avoid men take advantage of them. They train girls on how to couple solar lamps.

Asteven Group and Just Care Foundation

Dr. Sunny Apkoiyibo at Asteven Group side event after hearing the Just Care Foundation story pledge to go into partnership with Just Care Foundation Ghana, On the last day of the Conference, Ecologistics Integrated Services Ltd created the platform for the partnership action to happen.
Asteven Group presented letter of Partnership to Just Care Foundation Ghana.

Strategic Discussions

Mr. Paul Stever, Climate change Investment expert, Dr. Paul Abolo, Ambassador, Jerome Ringo discussing projects funding opportunities.

United Nation’s lead organizer for Africa Climate Week Conference, Mr. Jerome Ringo, Dr. Paul Abolo and Dr. Magnus Onuoha discussing Ambassador Jerome Ringo’s presentation and Asteven Group side event on partnerships for Renewable energy development in Africa.